Building Business: Prospective Entrepreneurs Who Want To Achieve Success Quick Enough Should Work In the Following Jobs First

The number of people venturing into entrepreneurship as their first job is few. And most of them fail before they even taste their first profit. Entrepreneurship is laden with risks. It’s demanding and requires a good business idea and lot of capital outlay at the onset. Taking a job before venturing into entrepreneurship is beneficial, as it offers you the necessary experience, skills, insights, and money required for faster business growth. Some jobs are excellent at conditioning you and making you ready for the competitive entrepreneurship landscape. So if you’re looking to be a great entrepreneur, doing the following jobs upfront will help you along those lines.
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Working in sales before venturing into entrepreneurship is a bright move

For any prospective entrepreneur, working in sales should be a no-brainer move. It doesn’t matter whether you start with a telemarketing job. With sales, you acquire strong communication skills through talking to different people from different backgrounds. You develop great persuasion skills, as the job requires persuading people to buy the company’s products or services. With sales, you get to learn, firsthand, what different customer needs and smart ways to satisfy those needs. That will enable you to come up with products and services that customers will like.

Working in the food industry can propel your entrepreneurship business

Most people cannot entertain the idea of working in the food industry. It’s not just glamorous. Chefs and service personal acquire excellent production and sales skills that cannot be matched by other professions. What will make you a good entrepreneur from this profession is the level of pressure to produce quality foods in the shortest time possible. If you’re awaiting staff, you get to interact with customers from different backgrounds every day and know their favorite foods and tastes. This experience can enable you to create a competitive business and scale it fast. Ideally, you learn to work fast, dovetail, multitask and get out orders to perfection in a high-pressured environment.

Working in a retail store is one of the best ways to gain skills for business building

You have the greatest possibilities of succeeding as an entrepreneur if you’ve worked in the merchandising outlet before, for a long time. With a retail store, you develop a wide range of skills. For starters, you will be dealing with customers who have no idea what they want. It’s only after a candid conversation that you’ll better understand what they want. That’s when you’ll have to suggest products for them. After months of working in the retail store, identifying such customers by looking at their behavior and matching them with the right products will be like clockwork. On top of all that, you get firsthand experience of how to deal with unhappy or disgruntled customers. In fact, you will encounter the most stubborn of customers and still formulate ingenious ways to satisfy them.

A job in management can help you in your entrepreneurship endeavors

Before testing the waters of entrepreneurship, try to work in a managerial position. You don’t have to manage in a large corporation where you deal with educated and trained experts. Managing in a hospitality establishment (restaurant, hotel) or departmental store will suffice. With a management position, you get to learn about the importance of teamwork, delegation, resource allocation skills and time-management. These skills will be critical when running your enterprise.



If you’re lucky enough to have worked in some of these jobs, all you need to do is think back on the best strategies that propelled that business and implement them on your new venture. These lessons are valuable to any business, as successful entrepreneurs jealously guard them. So ensure to have them before you jump into entrepreneurship head first.

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